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‘Battery’ is a drama thriller movie which has story and direction by Mani Bharathi. The movie starts with a murder. Even as police are investigating this murder, more killings happen. Why are these people killed? Who is behind all this murders, Were the cops able to solve the mystery forms the rest of the story.
Mani Bharathi has made a decent crime thriller with an impressive plot. The investigation scenes keep the audience on the edge of the seat. M. Senguttuvan makes his debut with this movie and gives an appreciable performance as the investigation cop. His portions with Ammu Abirami are also impressive. The chemistry between the duo has worked out well. As usual M. S. Bhaskar delivers a seasoned performance. Rest of the cast including George Maryan, Monika, Deepak Shetty have all done their part well. The movie is technically sound as well. K G Venkatesh’s camerawork is colorful, Siddharth Vipin’s music gives more momentum to the proceedings. The first half seems to lag a little bit, apart from this, ‘Battery’ is a good crime thriller.

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