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Business Iconic Awards felicitated by Health Secretary Dr.Radha Krishanan, Ms.Namitha Marimuthu,Mr.Inigo Irudayaraj,Mr.Balaji Sadagopan,Kaushik, & Ms.Krithika Radhakrishnan.
GJ Group of Companies presents BUSINESS ICONIC AWARDS 2021 held at Hablis Hotel, Chennai.The Awards Evening Was Organized By Rang Events.
The Awards Were Felicitated By Dr.Radha Krishanan  IAS Officer, Health Secretary, Ms.Namitha Marimuthu,Mr.Inigo Irudayaraj,Mr.Balaji Sadagopan,Kaushik, Ms.Krithika Radhakrishnan.
Health Secretary Dr.Radha Krishanan Honoured Dr. Kavitha, Deepika & Many more.

Many socialities & celebrities participated in  large numbers and made the event a great success.

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